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How to order

How to order to the foreign country?

You don't have to be registred when your are ordering. Simply choose product that you would like to buy, click on the red button "do košíku" - the product will be added to the basket. When you are finished with your order, click on "nákupní košík" in the right corner on top of the page.

You can see the list of the items - now you can change the number od pieces of each item or simply remove them from the basket using the red cross. If your order is ready, click on the red button "pokračovat v objednávce" (continue with the order).

Fill in the form with your first name, surname, email address, telephone number, street, city, postal code and country. If your country is not on the list, choose "ostatní" (other) and type your country name in a window. If the address where the parcel will be sent is different than you have allready filled in, fill in this address in the form "doručovací adresa". Mark the window "souhlasím s obchodními podmínkami" (I agree with the terms and conditions) and click on the red button "pokračovat v objednávce" (continue with the order).

Now you choose the form of the delivery of your parcel. If you don't want to pick up the parcel in Eden, mark "GEIS - Česká republika - platba kartou/převodem/paypal". The price for delivery is displayed behind this choice, it is valid for the weight of parcel up to 2 kilograms. If the parcel is heavier, higher price can be applied via informational email.

Then choose payment of the order with your credit card.

Click on red button "pokračovat v objednávce" (continue with the order).

You will see the summary of your order, the form of payment and the way of delivery. Click on red button "pokračovat na platební bránu" (continue to the credit card payment gate). Enter details about your credit card and click on the green button "zaplatit" (pay the order).

Your order is finished now, you will receive your order summary on your email. We will send your parcel as soon as we get your payment.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at info AT prosks DOT cz.