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FAQ / Služby

I want to order a custom jersey:

We do not offer only custom jerseys, but also t-shirts or flags. Both numbers and names can be printed on jerseys. The name is placed above the number, for every jersey, we use the font the team you choose uses on their A-team jerseys. We use blue color for home jerseys and white color for away jerseys. If you want a specific font on your jersey, please write it in the comment while ordering. The size of the letters and numbers is 5,5 cm and 25 cm (these numbers are lower for smaller jerseys), the print is in capital letters only. The name length is 16 letters maximum. For more letters the name can be split into two lines. Every other line is for 100 czech crowns each. (The letters will be smaller.) Printings can be ordered either through e-shop or instore, the price for printings and goods that will be customized must be paid in advance. The average waiting time for the finished product is 2 days after the payment is received.

Printings price list

Custom jersey (name and number)                350 crowns

One sponsor logo                                         200 crowns

Custom shorts ( number)                              100 crowns

Custom mini jersey (name and number)         100 crowns

Each extra line (name)                                  100 crowns

If you want to customize t-shirts, flags, mini jerseys, and other merchandise, always remember to communicate with us about the price for printing and about the color of the printing.


I wish to order signatures from the A-team:

New original signature orders are stopped until further notice

Due to high demand, A-team player signatures are priced 500 crowns. All of the money will be sent to the Donor associations bank account, which is used to support and give access to psychosocial help for stem cell transplant and urgent or chronic illness patients and their families/medical staff. These signatures are available only for the home jersey and no other merchandise. The waiting time for these signatures can be up to 8 weeks during the playing season. In the offseason, we cannot guarantee player signatures’ availability. Each signature is made by the player themselves using a marker. We do not guarantee the signatures’ quality and they are not refundable.


Which merchandise from the eshop is available in-store?

Every piece of merchandise on the eshop that says “Available in store - the time of delivery 3 days” is available in-store. This merchandise does not have to be ordered through the eshop in advance and can be bought directly in the fan shop. 


Do you provide any sales?

We provide a 10% sale for holders of the fan shop 1-year season ticket, members of the Union of Fanclub friends. If you have a 3-year season ticket, you will be provided with a 12% sale and for those with a 5-year season ticket we provide a 15% sale. These sales can be redeemed only directly in the fan shop and only after providing the appropriate member card, which cannot be used by anyone but the person who the card is registered under. Members of the aforementioned Union can redeem the sale even while ordering from the eshop by typing their member ID/number in the “Sale code” square, this ID can be found on the Friends of Slavia webpage under the section “personal information”.


Is it possible to order goods by phone?

We accept orders exclusively through eshop, it is not possible to order by phone. 


My eshop order does not fit me (too large/small), what should I do?

It is possible to change your merchandise for different sizes, all you have to do is to send it to the address Fanshop SK Slavia Praha, U Slavie 1540/2a, 100 00 Praha 10. Please remember to write there your name, the number of your order, and specify there what you wish to receive back. While swapping your merchandise, it is also possible to order additional souvenirs to be sent back with your reclamation, which will be sent as soon as we receive your package. Another way to exchange your merch is directly in the fan shop in Eden. In this case, please bring a copy of your receipt/invoice. During an SK Slavia Praha home match, this service is available only at least 2 hours before the match. Then it is impossible due to the fan shop’s capacity. You can exchange your merchandise up to 30 days after receiving your order.